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Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
by Running times, USA

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South Africa

Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
by Fiona Bugler, UK


Children living in himalaya
Distributing stationary to school kids
Being an extensive explorer, great adventurer, and a responsible human being, C.S.Pandey always had an objective to serve the society and eventually help the financially weaker section, thus got involved in society welfare work in few Himalayan villages by providing assistance to resolve the acute drinking water problem, distributing food items and support for local employment.He has helped in setting up of various medical camps, night shelters etc. for poor and needy. Apart from this, he also assisted youth from weaker section to get trained in academics and in the field of mountaineering through recognised institute.While touring and exploring in the Indian Himalaya, he finds his privilege to counsel the local people and villagers in the remote areas on the importance of education, health and basic remedies for routine medical problems.Also, he finds his responsibility in aiding schools with study materials including sports kit, stationery (pen, pencils, note-books etc.), computers, school dress etc. as he believes that the sooner or later, present generation will lead and represent our country and one should always put their efforts to utilize their expertise in encouraging youth to obtain good and healthy education.He also serves for resettlement of deprived people and construction of Dharamshalas (restrooms) in remote areas of Himalaya.

He has this belief that helping a needy by making available the necessary resources is far more effective way to do charity rather than donating direct funds as it will fulfill the purpose and even after attaining materialistic success, one can find themselves more attached with this noble cause achieving a sense of inner peace and harmony.

If each one of us perform their duty with more responsible efforts, then it will not take much time to accomplish the following:-

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah(May All Be Happy)Sarve Santu Niraamaya

(May All Be Free From Misery)

Sarve Bhadraani Pashyantu

(May All Realise Goodness)

Maa Kashchid Dhukh Bhaag Bhavet

(May No One Suffer Pain)