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Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
by Running times, USA

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South Africa

Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
by Fiona Bugler, UK


  • “For me it was a huge achievement. Only 4 years ago I was rushed into hospital with a perforated colon. I then had 5 abdominal surgeries and was knocked down to my lowest ever level of fitness and emotional strength. I’d dreamed of doing the race before I ever got ill so to come back and finally do it after everything I’d been through was very emotional.  Managing my ileostomy at altitude and at times during the race wasn’t always easy, but I knew the doctors would be there to help me if there were any problems and I felt well cared for. It was an incredible trip. I am fully aware of the hard work and organisation behind the event and can only imagine how much work you and your staff must do. I am very very humbled and very appreciative of everything you all did to ensure our safety, enjoyment and participation. I was worried about being sick before I came, but I had nothing to worry about. The food was delicious, always very clean and well-cooked and I managed to actually gain weight! I am very much in love with your country, your mountains and your people. The scenery was spectacular – like nothing I’ve ever seen. The trail was challenging and I loved every single moment of it! I loved the culture and to be able to be part of it was a huge privilege and one I will NEVER forget. My children are very proud of me and I’ll be doing talks at their schools about it too. I love your passion for the race, for the mountains and for the Himalaya and to share your mountains with people from all over the World. I can see how much you care about the participants and the organisation of the event. I fully understand your need to enforce strict rules as our safety is your paramount concern. And for that I thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what will be a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you for your kindness, hard work and for your hospitality. It was mind blowingly beautiful, spectacular and simply stunning. Thank you for all your hard work – and thank you to all your lovely staff.  But most of all, thank you for sharing your Himalaya with us. I loved it all. We will be in touch – I can imagine I’ll be sending a lot of friends over the next few years.”

    Sarah Russell, UK

  • “I really enjoyed HRT. It’s a hard race that take you to your limits, but at the same time, a race plenty of wonderful moments, landscapes and people. Unforgettable experience in my life. Happy to be here and meet all the runners and people from the organization. I want to say thank you for every single effort you made to keep us happy and comfortable all those days. I miss you all too and I wish I could go back to India already tomorrow. It’s been such a fantastic time, with such a fantastic people (volunteers, organization, runners and walkers) that it has been hard to come back to reality!!! Many thanks for been so special to all of us. All the 4 Spanish girls have come back to Spain with a huge smile in our faces and memories for the rest of our lives. All our love to all of you. We DO know why, we love you all.”

    Sylvie Blanco, Spain

  • “Well done, Mr. Pandey & all of the team. I realize the logistical difficulty involved in organizing such an event and you have done an absolute fantastic job, Your email communication leading up to the event was very informative, giving me great confidence that the participants would be in good hands, which proved to be true. The event is certainly unique & we have had the privilege of experiencing almost a full range of weather events that the Himalaya offers or throws at us. You set a full Itinerary & kept us busy. You fed us well & were very careful to warn us about hygiene & this importance of drinking enough water. You had a sense of humor but managed to get the message across. Every day offered a different experience of nature with the varying terrain, whilst this physical challenges also changed each day this added to the depth of the overall experience. You somehow managed to arrange room sharing with very compatible people, so thank you – we shared lots of laughs! In summary, this has been an unforgettable experience in so many ways. Together with all of this photographs taken & shared, memories of this unique event will be with me forever. Once again, H100 was a truly memorable event – the combination of excellent organisation, a terrific group of fellow participants and perfect weather conditions in one of the most spectacular regions of the world will be hard to surpass.”

    Jeremy Scriven, Australia

  • “Lovely situation overlooking the valley. Food very enjoyable. Enjoyed the garden and views. Fantastic adventure & experience stunning scenery. Memorable “once in a life time”, well organized event by the charismatic Mr. C.S. Pandey. This trip was the most wonderful experience of our lives. There can be no doubt that The Himalayan Run & Trek through your beautiful country is the PREMIER EVENT of its type in the WORLD. It was a joy and pleasure to be participants. Your organisation did a magnificent job for which we personally congratulate you. We have so many happy memories which we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Huge thank you.”

    Ian Gray & Sheila Ormerod, UK

  • “Thanks Mr. Pandey & rest of the group for this amazing experience! You have done an awesome job to put together an amazing but also challenging trip. The trip definitely fulfilled all my expectations and went ever beyond that. I come to test both my physical and mental boundaries and have an amazing beautiful environment! Everything was organized perfectly, way markers were really helpful and you never risked to miss the right way. Accommodations was according to the circumstances but especially the host family in Rimbik (I stayed in upper Rimbik) was lovely and so helpful. Food was good and plenty. All in all, I have had an amazing time and met an amazing group of like-minded people! And the weather God was also as our side.”

    Maike von Heymann, Germany

  • “Thank you, thank you, thank “Danke”!!! Great & professional organization. For us, it is was an unforgettable and an incredible experience with a lot of feeling. We will never forget this. The food are very good and enough! The whole group was very great full. The race & ways are so beautiful, strong, hard, but and very good tour. All was perfect. We enjoyed DAY by DAY!. It’s almost like a never-ending yearning… somehow unbelievable. We start and end our day with wonderful memories and stories of this beautiful experience. It just won’t let us go! WE MISS YOU AND YOUR WONDERFUL TEAM.”

    Juergen Hossner & Lisbet Federlein, Germany

  • “Route, scenery, race arrangement have out of my expectation. This has been definitely one of my lifetime best experiences. Thanks to all staff, medic team Mr. Pandey for the organizing. Too nice to all participants. All friends around the world must be very enjoying.”

    Kin Yui Leung, Hong Kong

  • “Amazing experience, very nice people. Event so well organized and all helpers were very pleasant and happy. Thank you for organizing the weather – the snowfall. Would recommend to friends to run the most beautiful marathon in the world. All food and accommodation very good! Fantastic – Race, terrain, organization and experience. Well done congratulations on a superb event!!! Missing it already!!!! Take care good luck for the next 27 years.”

    Raymond Page, Singapore

  • “Phenomenal!!! Experience one I will not forget, very challenging and it makes me want to return to compete it all! Staff very good and keen to help. Very impressive trip. Thank you.”

    Colin Mackenzie, UK

  • “What a BRIALLIANT EXPERIENCE. The whole adventure has been made up of wonderful people, beautiful scenery and superb staff. Thank you so much for making so many special memories.”

    Julie Essex, UK

  • “It goes without saying that any visit to the Himalaya will be breath taking and leave one with much warm memories of the environment and the wonderful people that live there. Taking on the Himalaya 100 challenge has achieved all of the above but in a way that has really immersed us in the local life. Thank you for an unforgettable experience and introducing to me so many wonderful feature of your lovely country.”

    Timothy Jury, UK

  • “Dear Mr. Pandey & HRT Team, we would like to thank you for an amazing experience in the Himalaya. Your team made every effort to look after us & made every day special. Sometimes the running was hard and sometimes it was easy, but it was always well supported & in such beautiful surroundings. Food quality was good & special effort was always made for my dietary requirements. We loved the whole experience from Delhi to Sandakphu. We feel very lucky to have spent time in the Himalaya & we have met some amazing people amongst the runners & walkers & shared our highs & lows with them. Thank you again.”

    Victoria Stapleton & Caroline Wood, UK

  • “I came on this trip with my husband who is a runner and joined the walking groups. The organization of the holiday was good considering the complexity of managing a large group of people arranged different accommodation with difficult terrain. The views were wonderful and took my breath away. The company of the other guests was enjoyable and we all supported each other. I was often at the back of the group and our walker’s guide made sure I did not get into any difficulty. It has been a trip I will never forget and I am pleased with my walking achievements!”

    Anne Lander, UK

  • “Came with anticipation and left with inspiration from all of the staff, people and fellow runners of the Himalayan 100 Mile Race and Trek. What beautiful country with beautiful people.”

    Edward Rodger, UK

  • “This really has been a “once in a lifetime trip”. Fabulous scenery, grueling challenges and meeting some really great people. The organization of the trip has been perfect and the information from Mr. Pandey and his staff have been first class. It is hard to believe the experiences of the past week from the beauty of the mountains to the lush green of the jungles and the color of the local people. I will be thoroughly recommending this trip to all my running friends.”

    Peter Clegg, UK

  • “A very beautiful route. The scenery is amazing. In one day, we run from snow and rocks to fantastic waterfalls and dazzling sunshine. The bus drivers are incredibly skillful. Forget any times or expectations as the journey will be worthwhile. The whole group of runners, walkers and staff is so well and we made many friends.”

    Rose Baker, UK

  • “Amazing experience. Very friendly – all staff, helpers, drivers, etc. have been caring, smiling and willing to help. Due to my physical issues, not been able to run. However the walks have been lovely. Food has been lovely, good aid stations, jeep support and brilliant markings for the course. Thank you for a once in a life time experience.”

    Marika Dowse, UK

  • “Amazing experience, outstanding views and environment. Race staff all extremely helpful and always with a smile. Thank you for the adventure.”

    Rupert Elliot, UK

  • “Amazing Trip! Everything I was expecting. Beautiful, stunning scenery. Well organized. Good accommodation considering the conditions – 12000 feet up! Lovely people, very friendly and helpful. Loved every minute of it! Thank you.”

    Tanya Rendle, UK

  • “Many thanks Mr. Pandey for putting on a fantastic event! So well organized, great views, terrific people and a real adventure. One of those races I will never forget.”

    Howard Mayson, USA

  • “Thank you Mr. Pandey once again for providing my group with such a brilliant experience. Without exception, each of our group has contacted me to say that their Himalaya experience was the best thing they have ever done – and that experience is made possible by the hard work put in by you and your team. My two children – both of them are so grateful.”

    Martin Burke, UK

  • “Thank you so much for organizing such a brilliant event, I am sure everyone took away some amazing memories, from packing our bags, the early starts and the great camaraderie.”

    Sylvia Hugget, UK

  • “I came on this trip with my wife who is a runner to accompany her and to experience India. I have taken part as a walker which I have found both tough and rewarding. The location of the stage race is rugged and beautiful and has shown as all weather types during the trip. The staff have looked after us and kept us busy and interested. A high point for me was a walk from Rimbik to Srikhola. The trip has been a great experience I would recommend to anyone.”

    Patrick Goudy, UK

  • “A fantastic few days. Tough 5 days but great to meet other runners and walkers from around the world accommodation in Rimbik lovely.”

    Sallyann Smith, UK

  • “The Hospitality has been great. The staff go out their way to make you feel welcome. The medical support is excellent. My highlight though, has to be the local children. Thank you Mr. Pandey and team.”

    Jason Wing, UK

  • “Unique experience, unforgettable because of the generosity of staff, beauty of landscape, the camaraderie of participants, being able to share the challenge of great people has been as extraordinary gift.”

    Maria Remedios Llavador, Spain

  • ““Wow”, I am now very sure that we had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for!!! But this trek / run has been the most character building experience of my life. I feel so overwhelmed to be part of such a wonderfully organized event, in the company of great like-minded people. I feel very blessed to be able to do it!”

    Jeanette Austin, Australia

  • “Awesome event and experience. Marathon Day (Day 3) was a very emotional. The event was well run and being in the mountains was truly awesome, fantastic meeting the culture and Mr. Pandey is a Top bloke.”

    Carl Beavan, UK

  • “Thank you C S Pandey – this was my first time in this part of India and the place really touched me – not only the surroundings but the local people and your team as well – I would love to come back and do it again.”

    Arun Dogra, Canada

  • “I have always wanted to see Mt. Everest & to see it from Sandakphu was simply awesome! The whole experience is overwhelming with so many wonderful people in such a wonderful place.”

    Paul Austin, Australia

  • “Lovely staff. Helpful and friendly. Very well organized. A very enjoyable stay and experience. Fantastic in all aspects.”

    Mitesh Amin, UK

  • “Thank you for a great experience – truly unique. Thank you to all staff who served us so well. The memories will last forever.”

    Marion Hemsworth, UK

  • “Very good views and nice food. I loved the views of the mountains. It was also a very unique experience.”

    Brett Baker, UK

  • “The best views from Himalayan Valleys and mountain range. The people you meet and how they make you feel, it’s priceless. When you have great people in an amazing place and well organized, that is what is worth living for.”

    Mariano Ontanon, Argentina

  • “We have been well looked after everywhere we have been. We have eaten well sometimes in difficult situations such as Sandakphu. Massive respect to the men who fed us there. In Rimbik, we have eaten some lovely meals and appreciate the hospitality at Tenzing Lodge. Thank you. The area is stunning, people are beautiful & it will stay forever in my heart. Thank you.”

    Tracey Stronghill, UK

  • “Amazing trip. I was expecting to be overwhelmed by the scenery and atmosphere & I was not disappointed. Struggled with the altitude but managed quite a lot of distance. Organization was excellent as was the food & hospitality. Loved it.”

    Claire Waite, UK

  • “Great enjoyable experience. Beautiful runs and walks. Lots of aid stations along the way. Very organized.”

    Isabel Alderton-Sell, UK

  • “You are an inspiration to us all.”

    Lee Miller, UK

  • “A glorious and adventurous running experience! Extremely well-organized and well run. Thank you for the extraordinary hospitality! C S Pandey and his team are spectacular.”

    Casey Blaine, USA

  • “The whole experience has been extraordinary. Marathon day was the most amazing day of running I have ever survived. From the mountains through the jungle, via villages and valleys – beautiful, good work, very well organized.”

    Patrick Kinsella, UK

  • “Mr. Pandey tells us love nature and nature will look after you. In the same manner, if you love running, running will treat you well. I have been very lucky and fortunate throughout my running career, it having taken me to many wonderful places. This visit to India and the Himalaya has been amazing experience and a most beautiful and wonderful treat for all the senses. Simply amazing, simply unforgettable.”

    Paul Freary, UK

  • “I had a fantastic experience with the HRT event. The staff was excellent and the drivers are very talented. There was always excitement and adventure. A great experience overall, wonderful scenery and would recommend to others.”

    Participant of 2017 Himalayan Race

  • “Beautiful people, scenery and experience. I have felt challenged and loved it. The accommodation and food at Rimbik has been my favorite. The owners were humble and gentle people.”

    Shaen Adey, South Africa

  • “The race was beautiful. Mr. Pandey’s team take care of all logistics. All we had to do is run and eat. Thank you Mr. Pandey for sharing the Indian Himalaya with us.”

    Eric Schranz, USA

  • “Race was very well run. Water stops more than needed. Every meal was great. Mr. Pandey really knows how to organize a world class event. Thanks so much it.”

    David Gilbert, Canada

  • “This race has been an incredible adventure. A trip of lifetime. The organization and the logistics since beginning with email correspondence was seamless. Upon arrival, it was seeing in Bagdogra where everything was taken care from the first evening. Briefing was informative and it was surprised with a “Happy Birthday” with birthday plate and a birthday cake – What a special birthday for me; one I will never forget. Thank you HRT for such an incredible experience.”

    Angela Scott, USA

  • “The race with all elements of trail running. Loved the diversity and the scenery. Seeing Everest was such an awesome experience. People, team are so humble and helpful. We have been served like kings & Queens. Food is excellent! Might pick up weight! Felt very safe on race. It was so good to know a good doctor was on the race. Theresa Horn, South Africa”

    Theresa Horn, South Africa

  • “Thank you for a great experience. It surprised my expectations.”

    Michael Burke, Ireland

  • “An exceptional experience in a beautiful environment. Thank you to all staff who made this an unforgettable experience. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone! It was well organized, friendly staff and the race was beautiful, challenging, as well as marked very well. Overall, this experience was excellent.”

    Kari Pedersen, USA

  • “Sitting here in Rimbik, I feel so far remembered from home, yet so welcome and happy and content. What a journey – climbing to twice the altitudes available in Australia and traversing the Himalaya with such a great bunch of people has been truly thrilling. Everyone individual from an organizational perspective has been tremendous with military like precision. We have been transported, fed, watered, luggage meeting us at each point without fail. It has been a privilege to be involved in such an event. I would recommend this to anyone – runner or walker who would like adventure and stunning scenery in one awesome package.”

    Anna Petrakos, Australia

  • “Seen dedicated staff with such strong leadership from the boss C S Pandey. A great organized, supported event with such unique locations and accommodation. I love to run and there has been no better way to see such terrific country.”

    Stuart Cox, Australia

  • “Well done, Himalayan Run & Trek. It was a spectacular experience throughout. The routes though challenging were packed with surprises. The race staff members were immensely helpful and throughout always ready to render assistance and comfort. Great chefs – we were properly fed for each new day. Splendid weather which offered breath-taking views of the Himalaya. Be prepared to be amazed!!”

    Quek Yibing, Singapore & Ricahrd Barsk, Sweden

  • “The organization of the race and surrounding travel has been very good. The staff is very friendly & professional. The course of the race is the first three days has been fantastic.”

    Frank Rohde, Germany

  • “Very well organized.  Your staff has done an amazing job very friendly, helpful and supportive. They helped me to finish my Day 1 with the long last uphill and also for part of the last segment on Day 3. The scenery has been spectacular, which was one of the things we were hoping to see. It has fired up to all expectations.”

    Tom Koch, USA

  • “A fantastic race in a very beautiful country. We have known only friendly people. Thanks to Mr. Pandey and his staff for the organization, you did it very well. At home, we will tell only the best.”

    Dieter Preiss & Rainer Kauczor, Germany

  • “Absolutely the most beautiful race in the world, stunning mountains, gorgeous views and birds and all the information we need is provided in detail and is meticulous. Doing Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race has exceeded my expectations. Thank you HRT staff who a have been incredibly supportive.”

    Sara Davies, UK

  • “Immaculately organized. Everyone who works with HRT is very friendly and kind. Marathon Day was the greatest day of my life. The diversity of news and terrain was incredible!”

    Helena Knightley, UK

  • “I tell in simple words, because English is not my language. Your organization for this race was the best that I know. I get excited from reception from the entire place we stayed. I am very glad that I change my decision and I decide to run all 100 miles. Thank you very much! You and your family are invited to come to Israel to be my guest!.”

    Tsafnat Neeman Einhoren, Israel

  • “Bless Himalayas! It is a privilege and a blessing to be here! Everything is great! Fantastic fabulous people! Amazing organization and aid stations! Food, places to stay and landscapes to see. We are enjoying a lot!”

    Teresa Arijon, Argentina

  • “This race is very good, the organization and all the people working in the race have the best attitude and the objective to help and make things better.”

    Juan Pablo Galvez, El Salvador

  • “I woke up in morning to a beautiful sunrise and am soon looking forward to a run / walk on this final day of the run. What magic! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here! The body which seems to be holding up! The resources and freedom in my life which makes this possible. I entered this event 6 years ago but 3 weeks beforehand I fell and broke my ankle. The dream never died and now it has come true!”

    Karen Halley, New Zealand

  • “What a superb collection of photos from this incredible event – with wonderful memories of stunning mountain scenery. May the Himalayan 100 Mile Race go from strength to strength!!”

    Sean McCabe, UK commented on 30.01.2016

  • “I’ll add to that this is a great well organized race. If age hadn’t caught up with me I would of loved to do it. All you runners that can do it will be very pleased with your time over there and in the race. Mr. Pandey is a great Race Director.”

    Dixie Madsen, USA commented on 02.02.2016

  • “One of the best races I have ever been at and run. I would love to go back. A must do race. Mr. C.s. Pandey awesome race director.”

    Lisa Smith Batchen, USA commented on 02.02.2016

  • “One of my very best experiences in my running career – 2000, and Mr. Pandey is one of the most organized and gracious RD’s ever.”

    Jay Norman, USA commented on 02.02.2016

  • “The 13 mile run was perfect for me, after 268 marathons, the hardest I have ever done. Superb running down hill, did first mile in 8 minutes – Crazy!!!!! My thanks to you for giving me the best adventure and memories of my life. I just could not believe the welcome I got when arriving at Delhi Airport and there was your HRT sign all especially for me. The organisation of you and your fine team is exceptional and second to none. To use the word “impressed” is possibly not higher enough to give all your tenacious, meticulous organisation the credibility it deserves. I have been running marathons since 1977 and running nearly every day for 38 years since this time, not bad for a lad of 56. I have ran 11, 100 mile events, 10 if them nonstop, 268 marathons, and many ultra distance events and I have honestly never ran an event so organised as yours and so personal, and I mean the start  each day with everyone behind tape, very personal. The finish, “EVERYONE IS A WINNER” in breaking the tape, trust me that personal touch is priceless. Also, the participation of people from local villages was a joy to see. Your passion, enthusiasm to make sure that no stone is unturned, the attention to detail you ensure in making the smooth running of the event, I have never ever witnessed. Chandra, Thank you again again again, for the greatest adventure of my life.”

    David Green, UK

  • “Just as I remembered it from 2007 – Stunning views and felt welcomed by all. The organization is amazing with plenty of support throughout.”

    Christopher Hayhow, UK

  • “Dear HRT, My husband has summed it up, but also to say that this has been the most epic, stunning experience of my life. Everything is so well organized. Thank you to all the team that made this happens.”

    Hayley Smith, UK

  • “As we ran through the mountain villages, what I noticed was how happy the villages were and this in turn has made me re-evaluate my own values and earlier that perhaps we in our own societies forget the important things needed for a contented life. I cannot offer any advice on improvement as I think the trip is perfectly complete!  Thanks to all the HRT team for a fantastic experience.”

    John Smith, UK

  • “To be honest, my wife had to persuade me to make this trip. I am naturally a cautious person and this trip possibly could be a step too far. I need not have worried. We all felt secure that Mr. Pandey and his team are looking after us all – all the time. Their organization is exceptional. 25 years of refinement has resulted in a tour that is without question – one of the best running / walking tours available in the world. The scenery is stunning and it becomes more impressive as the week progresses.”

    HSR 2015 Participant

  • “Thank you so much for a brilliant time. I came here as a walker to support my husband and also have my own adventure plus experience. I was slightly concerned having recently a knee operation but was able to walk as much as I wanted. It has been good to be part of the “family” and we have all been very well looked after. I have total respect for the runners – I could never do it!! I shall not forget Everest at dawn, “shortcuts in the jungle plus hair raising jeep rides. Thank you.”

    Mary Puttock, UK

  • “Thanks for a fabulous experience Mr. Pandey, Mansi and team. Very challenging, very scenic, very well organized, very well marked, very well supported. We have had a great time and it has been even better to share it with a great bunch of like-minded people. Cheers!!!!”

    Kellie Emmerson, Australia

  • “A great organization! Thank you so much for this experience! Namaskar!!”

    Monika & Gabriel Seiberth, Germany

  • “Extraordinary organization. Namaskar!!”

    Antonio Dippolito, Germany

  • “When contact by Mr. Pandey with information about the HSR, my first thought was what an amazing events, but to make a trip to India and do that race is only a dream. Little could I ever have imagined that now, that I am here participating in this incredible event. Incredible!!! Let me count the ways. The organization was beyond belief! The whole week has been problem free and the PDI laid out everything that would has taken place. Superb, friendly, kind and efficient staff – from drivers to porters, cooking and kitchen staff, race officials, aid station workers, medical staff, and all others. Unique and wonderful lodging including remote Sandakphu. Spectacular, breath taking scenery from Himalaya to tea plantations and lush rural valleys around Srikhola and Rimbik. And race course unrivaled! Extremely hard, yet diverse in terrain and running surfaces. I will never be able to fully explain it back home. Thank you. It was an experience beyond belief. It was dreams come true.”

    Gary Griffin, USA

  • “This race is so much amazing with a wonderful scenic, friendly people, a helpful and friendly staff and the perfect organization from Mr. Pandey. I enjoyed these days running in that beautiful land and I will show all the photos that I has made to my friends. Perhaps one day I will come back. Namskar!!!”

    Sonja Braun, Germany

  • “Overall impression is a great experience. Fantastic course, with magnificent views, particularly on days 2 to 3, beautifully marked, almost impossible to lose the trail. Organization is excellent. Food was perfectly acceptable, particularly at Rimbik.”

    Christopher Lewis, USA

  • “Good food, good terrain well marked, well organized and safe, friendly and capable staff, very enjoyable trip Darjeeling, unbelievably challenging course – off road, jeep trek, and single track road- so a bit for everybody which is good. Overall, brilliant race and well done to all your staff.”

    David Jacobson, South Africa

  • “I would like to extend thanks for a superbly well organized event. Seeing the Himalayas has been on my bucket list for many years and there was no better way for me to see it then on amazing trail run. The highlight for me was the people both the participants as well as local people we met and international with along the way. Everyone has been so welcoming and made for unique experiences. This event has exceeded my expectation and will be something I talk about & recommend for years to come.”

    Gareth Pickering, South Africa

  • “I have wanted to do this trek for fourteen years and my wish was finally granted even though I did not do too much training. Everyone was very encouraging. It was an experience beyond my wildest dreams. Everything was explained to us the day before so we were prepared. I don’t know what you could do to improve on your event. I will tell my entire friends that this is something you must do.  They will be envious of my experience. I would like to train and come back to do the entire 100 miles. But for now, doing over 50 miles will do just fine.”

    Henry Peck, USA

  • “When I left the US for this adventure, I had no idea what to expect. What I found was a beautiful country with beautiful people. They are kind and gentle people. The organization and logistics were handled with expertise. Every detail was seen to and it is obvious that the Race Director and staff are very dedicated to ensure that every participant feels special and their needs are attended to. Thank you for looking out for everyone. The local people who prepared our meals and accommodation were wonderful to be with. The food was delicious and plentiful. Thank you for everything. This has been experience for a lifetime.”

    Peg Griffin, USA

  • “The course is unbelievable beautiful. I will leave from here with wonderful memories of the people we have met both participants and Mr. Pandey’s staff. This has been a once in a lifetime adventure and a real challenge. Thank you.”

    Dawn Long, USA

  • “My first stage type race and first trip overseas. All of my expectations have been exceeded. The race scenery and organization has been spectacular. Thank you very much.”

    Matt Long, USA

  • “Thank you HRT 2014 Team!  It has been a wonderful experience – A beautiful, well organized journey with friendly, helpful faces at every corner. I hope the event continues to grow but does not lose its intimacy as the power and energy of the group wise always is more than that of the individual. With thanks best wishes and special memories.”

    Georgia Wood, UK

  • “Beautiful courses and truly something for everyone! best guides ever!!!!!!”

    Mary Yon, USA

  • “What a great way to experience a wonderful place!! Thanks for all the great race Mr. Pandey and crew.”

    David Yon, USA

  • “Overall an excellent race!!!! The scenery was spectacular and exceeded my expectations. The marathon was the highlight and most beautiful. The staff were friendly, welcoming and helpful – Mahindra my favorite. The group was really friendly and social. I will highly recommend this race to others and I am proud to be complete it.”

    Simon Lawrence, UK

  • “This race is being amazing. I am discovering two things that I wanted finding here, the great mountains of Himalaya and all its nature, and the other things is the knowledge that I can do it, I can run between the clouds.”

    Ignacio Del Junco Jurado, Spain

  • “I am bruised, sore and tired but my experience running the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race is ONE I will always cherish and remember. I have had the opportunity to run in place and see parts of God creation that most people never will. There was too much to take is in a week but a lifetime of experience.”

    David Fouse, USA

  • “A wonderful total experience, the most amazing scenery, unique on the planet with the highest peaks, Everest and Kanchenjunga every day. Unmatched hospitality, well organized from sign up until end. Friendly people throughout the race. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for challenging 5- day run trek (mostly trekking) in the most beautiful location and fantastic people.”

    Paul Bender, USA

  • “This has been a wonderful experience for me as a walker. This event was well organized so walkers can view the mountains and participate in the event at a different place from the runners. The walls through the village and having opportunities to greet local people were a highlight for me. The food was tasty! Thanks for a terrific events.”

    Doreen Bender, USA

  • “The accommodation was great, comfortable, warm good blankets in Sandakpu. The Hotel up the road in Rimbik is really beautiful. Overall, I think the food has been of very high standards. Very interesting and delicious. Staff are friendly and helpful. The run is very challenging and something worthy of any runner to attempt. The run itself deserve recognitions.”

    Bryony McCormick, South Africa

  • “I was pretty sceptical of all the superlatives used to describe this event before my arrival. Now I can see that they are justified. It is a unique event in a fantastic location with extremely hospitable people. It has been a privilege to be part of the 2014 edition.”

    Adam Paul Rose, UK

  • “Words cannot describe this event. It is an emotional and physical journey at the most epic proportions. Brutally tough, stunningly beautiful and organized by the most wonderful team and people. What a wonderful place!!! A stunning event and an absolute privilege to be part of. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

    Sarah Rusell, UK

  • “We really enjoyed the pictures and specially the videos, and they brought back great memories of one of the greatest experiences we have had in our running life. We have just this year run the Antarctica Marathon, last year we have done Sierra Negra Volcanoe Marathon in the Galapagos, and 100km in the Sahara, earlier the Safaricom Marathon in Kenya, and we come to the very clear conclusion: HIMALAYAN 100 MILE STAGE RACE RATES RIGHT ALONGSIDE THE GREATEST RUNNING EXPERIENCES IN THE WORLD! Kindest regards to you and your entire team”

    Urs Volken & Doris Zanoletti, Switzerland

  • “Every Race Director in the US should do this race, never in my life have I seen a better-organized event.”

    Karen Riddle, USA

  • “The course was quite beautiful & well marked (Better than most races I have done).”

    Michael Wardian, USA (male winner and experienced runners and (holder of many world running records)

  • “Wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable trip.”

    Steven Seaton, England (former Publishing Director of Runner’s World magazine, UK and took part in Himalayan Run & Trek event two times)

  • “HSR – event is unique in the world. Very professional staff and organization, fascinating landscape and lovely local people. It’s my third time at the race and I am again very satisfied with the event. Thanks to the very friendly staff and last but not least the holy master of mountain madness, Mr. C. S. Pandey”.

    Stefan Schlett, Germany, Freelance writer and experienced ultra marathoner

  • “I have taken part in many multi-day events around the world and the organization of this race is as good as any. The organization is relaxed and friendly.”

    David Hickling, UK, experienced runner participated in 2006 and 2008 event.

  • “A great idea and a super fun time!”

    Fred Pilon, Former Editor, Ultra Running Magazine and experienced long distance runner.

  • “Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race – The Race of Your Life”

    Steven Seaton, Rob Speeding & Edward La Billiere, Runner’s World, UK, January 2003

  • “This was to be the pattern of whole trip – friendship & support – incredibly so, as I discovered. The views were spectacular and between gasping for breath, it was lovely to share this beauty with others, also puffing! To see the numerous shades of green trees against brilliant blue sky and beyond, the mountains, is hard to describe – it must be experienced.”

    By Stevie Matthews, Trail Runner Newsletter, Summer 2003

  • “The world’s most beautiful marathon – A race with no one but themselves. The sense of personal achievement and accomplishment was immense, though the event was never close to being the desperate ordeal the first day had promised. If you could finish a marathon, you could finish this. You have to suspend your preconceptions when thinking about the trip”

    Steven Seaton, Runner’s World, UK, March 1996

  • “Thanks for a wonderful trip. I learned a lot about myself during the stage Run.”

    Wally Prugh, marathon runner.

  • “I wouldn’t have believed this – or you – if I hadn’t seen it myself.”

    Dan Ferrara, Former Editor, Outside Magazine, Road Runner.

  • “At some point of time along the way I was told to remember that pain is temporary, but pride is forever. It really is true. As for the race, it is indeed the most incredible challenge any runner could want. As for India, it is truly a magnificent cultural experience. Just maybe, when you combine the two, one plus one actually does equal three”

    Karen Hamilton, Ultra Running Magazine, USA April 2001

  • “It was the most enjoyable race I have ever run, and certainly the most memorable one. The Ultimate Peak Performance”

    Simon Bruty, Allsport

  • “World’s Most Scenic Race”

    Athletics Weekly, UK

  • “Brilliant organization, great hospitality, nice accommodation, superb food and everything organized with military precision. Staff are available 24X7 to answer all questions and help where necessary. And this all happens with a back drop of the most scenic race/challenge in the world courtesy of the stunning Himalayan mountains. The whole ‘ethos’ of the event is also very nice. Mr. Pandey must be hugely proud. It is the most picturesque trail-running events in the world. This adventure trip will definitely force you to slow down or simply stop to look at the stunning views of snow-capped peaks, sprawling valleys that sink out of sight, pristine forests and crystal-clear skies that have never seen pollution.”

    Jason Henderson, Editor, Athletics Weekly, UK

  • “Conceptual genius of adventure on the run with no flats – just amazing peaks and valleys – a magical experience.”

    Sheila Black, non-runner on her first “adventure” trip.

  • “Thanks, for letting us live your dreams. The best trip ever.”

    Diane McNamara, experienced runner

  • “The trip was far better than I had imagined! Here’s to 1991 and 1992!”

    Katy Williams, free-lance writer experienced in covering major marathon and multi-day races.

  • “Thanks for all the hard work to put on such a great event.”

    Bart Yasso, Runner, middle to long distance road runner, professional race organizer.

  • “The trip was awesome. I’ll remember those flat hills.”

    Lynne Siwula

  • “I am eternally grateful to you for this pukka adventure! Call us when you think you can top this one.”

    Twila Slesnick, USA experienced ultra runner

  • “Mr. Pandey. I look forward to returning to India so that we may journey again. Namaste – I salute you.”

    Mike Ehlerman

  • “I enjoyed seeing your friendly smile every day. Thanks for being so supportive.”

    Camille Yarbrough, Indonesia

  • “I am really pleased with the adventure and expect problems which haven’t bothered me. I wouldn’t miss it. My wife loves it too. This is a great way to see the Himalayas. A nice stop on the Himalayan Run – Trek. Very good food and friendly help at Sherpa Lodge. I came here as I have never been this far from home. I have wanted to see the Taj Mahal and Mt. Everest for decades.”

    Ben Jones, USA

  • “Good food, great organization, what a terrific experience! I think this is a 1st class event and the minor things that happened add to the uniqueness.”

    Marshall Ulrich

  • “The equal of any of our California ultras.

    Norm and Helen Klein

  • “I was unable to imagine that I could do the 100-mile before arrived in the Race Headquarter, but now I am sure, I will do it. One important reason for this was the very, very good organization of Mr. Pandey and his team. Everything was well organized – from the breakfast to the dinner. Every day had been wonderful views around with these fantastic mountains. I have only seen very friendly people on every day. For me it has been happy days in India with lots of new experiences. I will remember these days for a long time. Big thanks to Mr. Pandey and his team”

    Mr. Claus Dahms, Editor of Runner’s World, Germany

  • “Well where does on start? I’ve been to India and especially the Nepalese Himalayan region many times but this was the first time in the Darjeeling area, where the plantations were an interesting feature, and the people were, as always, just as hospitable. As regards the trip, I think the decision to have the base in Mirik rather than Darjeeling was correct as it was free from aggravations and we had superb views from the Swiss Cottages. Accommodations have been good for the region and the food has been really good. Comprehensive providing for everybody’s taste, especially those of panicle runners. Service from the staff has been friendly and very helpful. The route has been sensational in the fullest sense, with great unique views up the ridge of the mountains and incredible handwork to get there from an unacclimatized state. It is a great event and I’m very fortunate in being able to stay on for the next week of races.”

    Hillary Walker, England (holder of many world running records)

  • “Great trip! Run is a tremendous challenge – trekking is great – accommodations are unique, but great. Good job organizing. Glad we had the opportunity to join you.”

    Tom and Mary Stripling

  • “I have experienced the two most physically demanding days of my life – Having said that, the runner, walkers, trekkers are fabulous. The trip has far exceeded my expectations – The scenery is spectacular. The local people have been really special – friendly, polite – all in all, a great treat!”

    Martin Duggan

  • “This has been the most incredible adventure of my life. I have seen some of the most amazing sights and met interesting people. I think everyone has done a great job.”

    Graham Clark

  • “What a wonderful marathon. The Mt. Everest Challenge Marathon was my 41st different marathon. It was definitely the most spectacular and challenging marathon ever I’ll enjoy it again next year.”

    H. Nishi, Japan

  • “Well organized race. Excellent accommodation. Good food various menu each day. Good atmosphere. Staff willing to help/very good and no problems. Scenery fabulous. Race briefing + descriptions very good of the course. Starting on time each day. Pick up at Bagdogra by driver very good and friendly also staff at Delhi very good too. Hotel staff very good.”

    Noel Hanna and Lynne Stark, Ireland and experienced ultra runner

  • “I, and the other runners at race were impressed by the race organisation’s concern for the environment, especially ensuring that no garbage of any kind remained on the trail. As trail runners, we also share this deep love and concern for the environment. The trails which we run on are generally in some of the world’s most beautiful places and running in the Himalaya made me more determined than ever to share the importance of looking after our environment for future generations,”

    Deon Braun, Editor – Trail & Go Multi Magazine, South Africa.

  • “The beauty that had unfurled at my feet, coupled with my decision to participate in this extraordinary race moved me to tears on several occasions. I reveled in these tears of joy, truly happy to be in this special place, running on these uninhabited trails. Life improved quickly after sunset. When I gazed up at the sky, I could see the complete Milky Way. I have never seen this before. The Milky Way stretched from one side of the night sky to the other in a giant arch, a connected, continuous band across the sky. The profound beauty that engulfed me was overwhelming, and I felt profound gratitude for the life. It is my greatest physical achievement and the most enjoyable race of my life. I left India not with a bag full of souvenirs, but with my heart and mind full of precious memories of an extraordinary adventure among a special group of everyday people.”

    Marty Kibiloski, TV Producer, Boulder Daily Camera, USA

  • “This is an exceptional race. There are many staged events held around the world, in beautiful locations. What really distinguishes this race from all the others is the exceptional organization. From start to finish the food, transport, logistics and aid stations have been flawless. Special features of this race are certainly the mountains on stage 2 and 3. I have also really enjoyed running through the villages and seeing the people, houses and animals along the way. The route has been good. The cultural experience is a very important part of this event. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience running here and can only comment Mr. Pandey for his friendly, warm and thorough organization.”

    Lisa De Speville, for Runner’s World, South Africa

  • “I was overjoyed to find a short film had been made about the 100 mile stage race and is which my pleasure to share with you with the compliments of Mr. C.S Pandey, the events director who has made this documentary possible though his love and fine efforts to keep this amazing trek going from strength to strength. Through his inspiration, I had found the courage to complete this 100 mile journey, at times running, walking or staggering – but always with awe & deep respect for the great beauty of the great Himalayas and with tears in my eyes – not only for my own suffering, but for the smiles of the children and people in the communities who touched my heart so deeply as we passed by the villages and towns. Well, I completed this event during October of 2000 and this was my wonderful introduction to the hill and mountains of India. I can testify that is this one of the most inspiring and beautifully dramatic landscapes I’ve ever had the privilege run in and is superbly organized by the race director, Mr. C S Pandey”

    Mr. Sean McCabe, UK

  • Amazing scenery along the route. A surprise round every corner – a glimpse of Everest, a smiling local or some Yaks… To me it’s dust the right mix between well organized (!!!) whilst still retaining a sense of adventure! Love the way we get such a feel of the local culture and feel part of it for a short while. The run is testing but 100 miles in the Himalaya were never going to be easy! The support team is outstanding and helpful – part of the big family we all seem to have become thanks for a great trip!!! – Never to be forgotten! A big thanks to Mr. Pandey.

    Britta Sendlhofer, Fellrunner Magazine, UK

  • “Very well organised, staff helpful and supportive. Scenery fabulous. Food great.”

    Annette M. Herdman, UK, Scientist

  • “Mr. Pandey has done a fantastic job of organizing such a large group of runners + Staff, and very good at encouraging everyone to finish. Beautiful race, with very friendly staff and fellow competitors. Thank you very much for the experience.”

    Sarah Smart, UK, Investment Manager and female winner participant

  • “Excellent trip. Enjoyed everything. Great team atmosphere. Everyone very friendly. Trail very well marked and interesting routes. Accommodations fine especially at Rimbik. Lots of food and good supply.”

    Jenny Newman, UK, Doctor

  • “Truly an amazing journey perfectly executed organised and facilitated. All staff were very professional and friendly and Mr. Pandey left no detail unattended. The countryside was breathtaking and magnificent, and the hospitality unmatched among my top holiday excursions even.

    Sincerely” Peter Lowenstein, USA

  • “Enjoyed race, very beautiful. Accommodation, food etc. excellent.”

    Martin Rea, North Ireland, Teacher and male winner

  • “Location of event is superb, weather has been great. Food and accommodation esp. Rimbik has been excellent. Service in relation to staff and organizations of event have been first class. Doctors service and charisma have also added personality & charm to the event.”

    Karen Anne Silk, New Zealand

  • “For me, the race combined rule, adventure and safely in the right measure. The staffs were at all times friendly and helpful. India in particular the mountain area is rich in beauty and culture and we will return. The hotel accommodation was comfortable and the food ideal for running (We had the benefit of a double room which I appreciated).”

    Brian Herdman, UK, Retired claims Investigator

  • “For me all the organization is perfect, with good professional, good meals, fantastic landscapes, and Gorgeous Indian habitants border.” Thank you very much.”

    Jorge Yebenes Sanz, Spain

  • “Friendly staff. Well organized. Good food. Very beautiful scenery. Very challenging event. Doctor was excellent – very helpful and very good at treating a variety of ailments and has a great sense of humor. Mr. Pandey – fantastic personality. What a character.”

    Steven Hunt, UK

  • “I enjoyed the event very much interesting must of people & fabulous landscape and very attentive & kind host. I was very impressed with the professionalism and competence from everyone. I am particularly grateful that the doctor was very good and sorted me at quickly when I had seines problems with the altitude. Thanks very much for an excellent time!”

    Barbara Schwarz

  • “Food, atmosphere and service ALL VERY GOOD. To a very memorable visit to the Himalayas

    (Dave, John & Andy)” (The Backcountry Boy!)

  • “Wonderful experience and thank you. Brilliant organization!”

    David Seys, UK

  • “The final stop on Grand Slam of Endurance Tour is the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race which gives runners a lung-sapping taste of altitude and breathtaking views of Everest.”

    Keith Peterson

  • “It was great experience, amazing views, a fantastic opportunity to get “close” to the way of life in the area we are running through. The event was very well organized and it gave a sense of “security” when running on your own for a period of time

    Tracey Robertson, USA

  • “I have been running 22 years but none is as beautiful as this one and I have really not seen a marvelous race like this for wonderful organized services. The intension of the runners until the end of the race was to complete the race and encourage each one of us like a family. In my heart, I am carrying an incredible memory for rest of my life”

    Gabriel Santamaria Manso, Spain, A former track runner with 1500-meter

  • “Everyone should experience a race like this at some point of their running life, it was just magical”

    Charlotte Penfold, UK, who is one of the biggest stories of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester when aged 17 to finish sixth in the 800-meter.

  • “I have really enjoyed doing this event. It was amazing being so high up and running was just the best! All the support staff out on the trail has been fantastic, always smiling and cheering. Thank you so much for a great race. I would like to come back, and do it again”

    Elin Wright Norway.

  • “Wonderful scenery, hospitality and good organization. According to him, “we were looked after as family, everyone associated with the challenge including runners and walkers always were concerned about each other”

    Peter Chittenden, UK

  • “As I look back, it is with great happiness. I know I am lucky to have been able to be involved in such an adventure and I feel that the race was a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I have so much to thank you all for – your friendship, support and encouragement and all the extra travel arrangements that you arranged for me and my wife. The event itself is a miracle of logistical organization and you deserve to be proud of the achievement, Mr Pandey.”

    Peter Vigurs, UK

  • Beautiful 100 Mile Loop. Toughest marathon I have run + this was my 211th marathon. Food was very good. Course has spectacular scenery. Well marked, plenty of aid, staff took wonderful care of us. Multicultural celebration was great fun. Lodge in Rimbick was lovely. Thank you CS, Anne and I had a wonderful time running and hiking in the Indian himalaya. For us, we feel that we received great value. We will be pleased to recommend HRT to our adventurous friends. What a great time; what a great trip and run. We would never have visited all those mountain villages if had not been for the 100 mile run/ trek. Namaste! THANK YOU.

    Larry Grossman & Anne McMahon, USA

  • Querido “My Friend”. I think is the most beautiful race of the world. I speak little english. I wrote in Spainish language. – Gracias por todo. Gracias organization.

    Jesus Molina Alvarez, Spain

  • Amazing scenery and people. Great food, Well organized bags etc. Lovely cultural exchange evening, Rimbik accommodation fantastic. I would like to say a massive thank you. The organization and planning of the event was fantastic, from organizing our pre and post race activities, flights, transport to moving bags around, keeping us fed and those amazing red arrows that directed us through unfamiliar territory over 6,000 miles from home. We pushed ourselves and I can say for Chris and myself, it was life changing and an experience we’ll remember forever! I realize that there’s an extra special value in pushing myself out of my comfort zone. And best of all, I’ve come home to congratulations, children who are proud of their mum, and I’m really appreciating the ‘things’ I have, food, warmth, a roof over my head! So, again thank you.

    Fiona Bugler & Chris Roberts, UK

  • I totally recommend this race. This was the 23rd year that the event has been running, and Mr. Pandey and his team have fine-tuned their planning. Importantly, the meals were delicious and race-appropriate, and aid stations were well stocked. The organizational team was great – very friendly and helpful – and truly going above and beyond to keep the race going. The route is unique, and truly beautiful. Marathon day was one of the most amazing days of my life and seems much bigger than one single day. We saw so much in a single day. The route was really well marked – Mr. Pandey’s team had red arrows spray-painted with amazing frequency. I was pleased to be feeling great as I ran into Rimbik. This was the first day that I was slower than my estimated time, hoping for around 8 hours and finishing instead in 9:20. But I was on top of the world or at least I had been! It felt like I had lived two full days in those nine hours, first up on the ridgeline surrounded by the highest mountains on earth, and then smiling and waving at the villagers in the remote jungle villages. Thanks a lot.

    Jacqueline Windh, Canada

  • Only one word for this great race : “Fantastic”. Thanks all staff to make this competition possible.

    Holger Schulze, Germany

  • I would like to thank HRT for the opportunity to compete in the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race with a rare illness. It was the best run I have been on, very challenging and rewarding. I loved the culture and the experience of India and the Himalayas. The people were amazing and friendly, it was so much competing with a disability and a rare illness. The trails were amazing and very technical at times, the marathon was my favorite day. The descent was unbelievable. I would like to thank all the staff from HRT for this amazing opportunity. I would recommend this challenging race to all runners, walkers, trekkers and hikers. It was worth all the effort coming from Australia to India for this wonderful experience to see the four highest peaks in the world. The staffs from HRT are very accommodating and organizing was run well. This was a race of a lifetime, a most wonderful experience. I would recommend this race to anyone who is after a challenge of a lifetime and spirit, soul, mind and body experience that will change your life.

    Shane James, Australia

  • This trip has gone beyond our expectation and the views breathe taking at times. We are particularly impressed with the logistics and have organized the stage race and extras have been. It’s been a true honour and as it says on the sign at Sandakphu “Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories”. Thank you so much.

    Robert & Helen Spratley, UK

  • I come here naturally holding high expectation, and they have been realized. I have raced marathon for over 20 yrs, and this race has been the most challenging, and for and away the most beautiful. The course was well-marked and the support during the race was excellent. Overall an amazing experience. In sum, I know that as participants, we can hardly realize the extent of effort and organization that must be needed to make this event happen. The fact that this complicated event has proceeded flawlessly is a testament to your organization and commitment. Thank you for giving us all the adventure of a lifetime.

    Jeffrey Horowitz, Competitor Magazine, USA

  • This trip was wonderful experience for me. As someone who has stayed back for most of the events (1 only saw the marathon) I cannot comment on my experience of the race as a whole. However, I feel as though I got to enjoy the unique experience of getting to really know the places we visited thus far and getting a taste of daily life. This was wonderful. Today in Rimbik, I was taken on a tour of a Buddhist monastery, invited into the home of the lodge we stayed at to see their incredible prayer room learned a great deal about Himalayan history & religion. In Sandakphu, I sat on a hillside with sherpas & took in the breathtaking scenery on my own short hike. The race is incredibly well organized & Mr. Pandey & his staff are not only efficient & hospitable, but they treated us like royalty – there was no request too trivial for their attention. In short, the service was outstanding. The accommodations (rustic as they may have been at Sandakphu) were as good as you could get and in all cases clean and situated in beautiful surroundings. Mr. Pandey and his staff went to great lengths to make us as comfortable as possible. My experience running the marathon was nothing short of spectacular. It was a challenging course but wonderful, as we traversed varied terrains. Noticing the change in climate & flora, we met so many warm people and there are countess snapshots etched forever in my memory. The race support was outstanding –they even sent a guide out to assist one of the slower walkers who still had quite a ways to go at sunset. This was a wonderful experience and judging from the buzz of the die-hard runners, everyone is thrilled. What a way to manage a race Mr. Pandey.

    Stephanie Lynn Kay, USA