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Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
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Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
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Mr. C.S.Pandey, Race Director is the pioneer in Asia to introduce the high altitude annual multi-day stage race events in the North-East Himalayan Region based on eco-friendly adventure sport tourism worldwide known as “Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race” and is organizing all ground operations in India successfully since the first “Himalayan Run & Trek” in 1991.

Hailing from Central Himalaya, Mr. Pandey is a veteran mountaineer, adventurer and a man of self-evident; capable to get things organized even at the height of 18000 ft. The background of Himalayan village life gave him very considerable influence in exploration field. He can miss anything but mountains. Being an ardent lover of mountains, he wandered in the Indian Himalaya at its full length and breadth and has always penchant his passion in solo climbing and drifting in glaciers without gears. PG in Management and Public Administration, having various certificate courses and diploma, he is a good administrator as well and always active in promoting adventure tourism with a theme of conservation in India and has more than 30 years experience as a professional tour operator. He always had the charm to complete two or three days trekking routes in one day that encouraged his interest in long distance running.

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Being an adventurer, he has been playing a key role in planning and organizing unique and innovative running, mountaineering and trekking projects in the Indian Himalaya. During 1998, successfully organized the first direct Indo-British trekking expedition from Badrinath to Kedarnath. The main purpose of this expedition was to retrace the steps of the high priest who was holding service in the both the Kedarnath and Badrinath temples on the same day, though the shortest known route in between these temples was about forty mile over high mountain passes and through the extreme deep Kedarnath valley. Inspired to legend tells, in 1934, Mr. Eric Shipton and Mr. Tilman have tried this trail during monsoon, but did not succeed.

The organization, Himalayan Run & Trek Pvt. Ltd. under the leadership of Mr. C S Pandey won the National Award from Government of India for organizing the most unique and innovative projects and is dedicated to follow the conservation guidelines and specializes in organizing trips throughout India – mountain passes, snowy slopes, dusty deserts, track of a lonely wild tusker, strips of sand, cannels filled with back water etc.