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Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
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Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
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Race Organization

Race OrganisationHimalayan Run & Trek is pioneer in Asia to introduce the high altitude annual multi-day stage race events in the North-East Himalayan Region based on eco-friendly adventure sport tourism worldwide known as “Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race” and is organizing successfully the event since 1991. This event is distinctively known as the most spectacular running course in the world. Participants from worldwide time and again illustrate Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race as “World’s most well organized and synchronized event.” This is the only event, which has a very high rating for its eco-friendly approach to tourism and has received ‘AAA’ rating for the excellent ground support.

This event will fill you with an unforgettable experience which has no age bar or stage cutoff time. Anyone, physically fit and interested can run & walk. There is no time constraint, so no need to worry about your running history. For information, youngest participant to participate in this event was 12 year old student while oldest participant was 76 years old. Aim of this event is to enjoy the beauty of nature and not winning. While running, you will traverse through vast tea gardens, isolated jungles & small villages with passing Yaks and Red Pandas along the way.

Daily stages are of 24, 20, 26, 13 and 17 miles mostly on trails. View Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse and mountains in five countries. All food, lodging, aid station, transportation provided by the Race Directorate Office.

Our sheer determination, untiring enthusiasm, sympathetic attitude towards world always being adored and admired by adventure lovers who are interconnected through the string of one source i.e. Challenging our limits and breaking all physical, mental and psychological barrier and set an example to the world that nothing is impossible if your will to do something is much stronger than anything, than the world is yours.

Himalayan Run & Trek have always been respecting and promoting high spirits which is the spiritual source behind the success of any adventure sports and a motivational pill for us to continue our efforts for 22 years now in the form of Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race. Some of the legendaries are Mr. Mike Nuttall from USA (63 Years) undergone triple bypass heart surgery 13 months ago successfully completed HSR Events; Mr. Shane James from Australia suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a very rare, painful and debilitating disease had successfully completed HSR Events; Mr. Richard Hope from Australia, a left arm amputee had successfully completed HSR Events; sending out the message that going beyond the edges of pain and agony with absolute patience while taking away hearts of many with their smiles and simplicity is the message to life. Several members of World Team from USA with physical disability and Mr. Shiv from India who is partially blind have also participated in this event.

Our organization is dedicated to conserve the environment with exploration of new ventures for such activities and to preserve the culture of remote areas of India while encouraging enjoying the scenic beauty of nature.

Our organization is committed to design the trip itineraries in a manner that pushed the limits of your mental and physical endurance in the high Indian Himalaya.

Himalayan Run & Trek is a personal commitment, both to the mountains and each participant / traveler to turn the tide and make a difference and thus to be the most unique and innovative experience of lifetime.

This event will continue to spread the message that becoming one with nature is the most satiating experience one can have thus balancing the body and mind.